Preparing your home for sale

Preparing your home for sale

How Do I Get My House Ready?

How you prepare your home for a potential buyer can affect the likelihood of selling quickly.

Here are some valuable selling tips.


Increase your home's curb appeal. Invest some time and money into your home's exterior to increase the amount of showings and ultimately the selling price.

1. A trim landscape can attract buyers, so mow and water your lawn.

2. Trim trees and bushes, and tidy up mulch and other ground cover.

3. Cover bare spots in your lawn with grass seed.

4. Plant flowers - hint: yellow flowers symbolize new beginnings and can evoke buying emotions.

5. Clean sidewalks, walkways, and the sides of your home. Rent a power washer if necessary.

6. Make your house number clearly visible from the street.

7. Keep clutter to a minimum - store bikes, toys and other equipment.

8. Repaint the home or touchup the necessary areas to present a clean and kept appearance.


Create space and clear clutter. Let potential buyers see your home as a place where they will live their lives, and not the house that is about your life.

1. Remove personal photos, pictures, paintings, trophies, mementos, etc. Clear the space. Pack up random items you will be moving, remove books from shelves, and empty all counters.

2. Organize things behind closed doors. Smart buyers will want to open cabinets and closets, so keep it neat. This will show the buyer that you take care of the home down to the smallest detail. For example: arrange your spice rack, place cup handles in same position, neatly stack dishes, hang jackets or shirts uniformly and line up shoes.

3. Remove unnecessary furniture such as shelving units, extra leaves from the dining room table, or any thing else that may decrease the space of a room - rent a storage unit if you must.

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Preparing your home for sale

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Preparing your home for sale

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Preparing your home for sale

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